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Huaibei shengzhi commercial trading co.,ltd, as the famous manufacturer of activated carbon, is located in shuoli industrial area of huaibei city of anhui,china. occupying a floor area of 50,000 sq. meters. Our company is engaged in manufacturing, researching and importing and exporting activated carbon and other related is located in anhui province with very rich coal sources, and anhui has a long history of activated carbon processing.

All over the years, through the cooperation with research institutes at home and abroad, we have successfully developed various kinds of activated carbon products, mainly including wood-based activated carbon, such as physical method activated carbon (with the activation by steam), chemical activated carbon (with the activation by zinc chloride and phosphoric acid); coal-based carbon, such as powdered carbon with bituminous coal and anthracite; crushed and cylindrical carbon; fruit shell-based activated carbon; activated carbon catalyst such as PSA carbon and desulfurization catalyst. Our products are widely used in the fields of chemical, pharmaceutical industry, food stuff, processing the pure water and waste water, purifying the air, and more.

With self-support imp. & exp. power, we have exported our products to africa, south american,japan. Korea and Southeast Asia. Our wood-based activated carbon with the steam activation method is in the front rank in China in terms of production and sale volume. And they also enjoy a sound reputation in Japanese market.

Our company's five sub-factory and fifteen cooperative factories, which respectively located in Shanxi, Ningxia, Xinjiang,jiangxi, and other provinces, have formed a wide and giant network. Our company has established a sound business reputation in the domestic and overseas markets through years of management, and has been approved by ISO9001:2000.
With high quality, stable performances and reasonable prices, our activated carbon products have been widely recognized our products are 100% qualified ,and well received among customers around the world.

  • Company Name: senhua industrial co.,limited.
  • Business Type: Manufacture
  • Main Category: Chemicals > Adsorbents
  • Main Products:
  • Wood-based activated carbon, coal-based activated carbon, coconut shell-based activated carbon, special activated carbon


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